Mrs. Potts

Life lesson: ”It will turn out all alright in the end, you will see.”

Belle always wanted adventure like the ones in her storybooks. The Beast has to show Belle that beauty is found within. Belle did not think she could see past him but in the end, Bell found out how sweet and kind the Beast was.

She knew that Mrs. Potts was right. It did turn out alright in the end. I always wanted adventure like the ones in my storybooks. But I was always worried how others would see me. I just wanted to make a friend that would see me as I was. Then I met a really good friend and she was a true friend.

She did not care that I was different. She just wanted to get to know me for me. Then I realized that I should not care what other people think. They should get to know the real me. I should not pretend to be something I am not.

So always let other people see you for the real you. We are all different!

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