Life Lesson: ”When life gets you down do you wanna know what you have to do, just keep swimming.”

Dory wanted to find her parents but she did not think she could do it on her own. She asked her 2 friends and along the way she met her old friends. She was determined to find her family some how and she did find her family. This was all because she just kept swimming.

When i was younger i always wanted to be an author and be a role model to other people. Some of my friends thought I should give it a try, but my other friends did not believe in me, and never thought I would be a great author and a role model. So I started to think they were right. I would start thinking to myself, maybe I would not make a good author or a role model. But, one of me good friends came to me and said why do you listen to other people. They don’t know you. You never know till you try.

Then I stopped and thought and said to her, ” You know what you’re right. I will try.” I decided to try and publish my book. Who knew they would be a big hit. All of my books were successful. In fact I just got nominated to be a Trendsetter and it’s all because I had this one friend that never gave up on me.

It is true. If you never try you never know.

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