my first interview on radio disney

my dream has come true. it all started when i was in high school. i just published my first book that i ever wrote. i always loved disney and listing to radio disney. i always dreamed when i published my first book that i wanted my very first interview to be on radio disney. but i knew it would be a long shot. i even came up to my mom and said one day i would be interviewed on radio disney. my mom looked at me and said that would be amazing but it would a long shot. one day when i was in the middle of class i got a note saying you are going home early. i was so confused. i met my mom in the school office. my mom said to me you will never guess where you are going. my mom said you are going to be interviewed on radio disney. i thought my mom was kidding but when we pulled up in the radio disney parking lot i knew this was really happening. i walked right in there and i met with the producer of radio disney and he said to me i loved your book. i think we need to share it on radio disney and i have no doubt you will be a role model. so after my magical interview on radio disney i knew my dream was going to begin. #radiodisney #trendsetter #rolemodel #mydreamisabouttobegin #nevergiveup

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