what i have been doing during the pandemic to keep myself busy

During the pandemic it has been really hard to keep my self busy because I do miss a lot of things that I enjoyed doing. l enjoyed going to disneyland. That has difficult for me because that is my happy place. So, what have I been doing to keep myself busy? Well, I have been watching a lot of disney plus and listening to disney music, playing the guitar, and finished writing my 5th book, and scrapbooking. I recently got for my birthday a record player. I always wanted one and my mom and dad surprised me with it. I also got some records. Music has always been a big part of my life and I am so beyond happy that I received a record player. So I may get bored from time to time but it has not been that bad. Plus I get to spend time with my adorable dog. #dogmom #ilovetoscrapbook #ilovedisneymovies #iloveplayinguitar #musicismylive #missingdisneyland #keepingbusy #ilovemyrecordplayer

look who else loves music

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