how disney storytelling impacted my life

i alway was fascinated by disney storytelling; how you can go to different worlds just by reading a story. i always loved how a story can change your life. i wanted to do the same thing. i wanted to create stories from my imagination. so i wrote book after book but i got turned down saying my stories weren’t good enough. that was not good enough for me. so i kept trying and then all of a sudden somebody was interested in my idea of storytelling. i was so happy because i did not give up on my dream of storytelling and it is all thanks to disney storytelling. if it was not for them it would not help my imagination grow for storytelling. i love writing stories because i truly believe reading takes you to places that you did not know and now i am proud to say that i am an author of 5 books. It is all because it started with a dream! #itallstartedwithadream #themagicofstorytelling #thankstodisneystorytelling #dreamsdocometrue #authorrachelkaplan #readingtakesyouplaces

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