missing disneyland

not a day goes by that by that i don’t miss disneyland. i miss seeing all the disney characters, seeing the disney parades, wishing, wondering if disney will ever get back to normal. but at the end of the day i still believe that the magic will return. i just always say to myself that disney is frozen in time. i truly don’t know when disneyland will get back to normal or time will unfreeze but all i know is when ever it does i am going to be overjoyed with happiness. and yes i know disneyland is open now but to me the best disney magic is seeing the characters, hugging them and interacting with them. also seeing and having fun character breakfast and seeing the characters in the parade that is truly the disney magic for me. and i think deep down that is the heart and soul of disneyland. so even though i really miss going to disneyland having to wait for the disney magic to return, it is worth the wait. #havecourgeandbekind #missingdisneyland #thingswilltaketime #keepingthemagicalive #waitingforthedisneymagictoreturn #therewillbehappinessagain #keepyourchinup alwaysbehumbleandkind #magicisallaroundifyoujustbelieve #youcandoit

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