Life Lesson: “Today is a good day to try.”

Quasimodo was so afraid to leave the bell tower because he was afraid if people would accept him for as he was. But when his friends were in trouble he put his fear aside him and decided to help his friends. In the end he did not care what other people thought of him.

If he never left the bell tower he would have not known that some people are kind hearted. That is why I absolutely love this movie and this life lesson. All my life I was worried about going out of my house because I was so worried about what people would say about me. So I decided to write books about my life and what I go through day to day.

It turned out that once I was selling my books and promoting them, I started to realize that I don’t care what people think. Some people may not understand, but some people do and I know I am not alone. I’m happy being me!

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