Walt Disney

Life lesson: ”First think, second believe, third dream, and finally dare.”

Walt Disney had a dream that he wanted to make cartoons and a theme park where people could always have fun. But, nobody believed in him. He was determined to make his dream come true. He tried really hard and some people told him it was never going to happen. But, he never gave up.

Down the line someone did listen to he and his dream. Finally, it came true. He finally got to make cartoons for a living and tell stories, but best of all he got to build his dream theme park. He decided to call it Disneyland.

What I always wanted to do was to write books and make people happy with my stories. That was my dream. But, a lot of people said there was no way I could make my dream come true. Even with hard work, I still got turn down in publishing my book. I started to think that they were right. I thought my dream would never come true.

But, one day a miracle happened. Someone listened to me and published my stories. Now I’m living my dream and continuing my dream. So, do not listen when people tell you to give up and are negative. I have to say if you have a dream, go for it. You never know what will happen. Believe in yourself.

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