Life Lesson: ”Because when I look at you I can feel it and I look at you and I’m home.”

There are two fish named Marlin and Nemo. Marlin is the dad and Nemo is his son. They live happily together in the ocean. But, one day Nemo got separated from his Dad. Marlin was determined to look all over the ocean for his son.

He bumped into another fish. Her name was Dory. Dory decided to help Marlin find his son. They worked together and searched the ocean. Dory found Nemo and they all swam toward Marlin.

Marlin said goodbye to Dory. He was very grateful for her help. Dory said that she didn’t have a family but when she look at them that she was home. She had a special connection.

That is why I love this quote. Whenever I go to Disneyland I feel like I’m home. I have a special connection.

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