How disney movies and Disneyland changed my life forever

When i was growing up I mainly felt so alone. my friends did not at the time know why it was taking me longer to talk or read so they often avoided me and did not want to get to know me. my mom and dad knew i needed some kind of cheering up.but how? so my mom thought Disney movies would make me feel better. my first ever Disney movie that my mom showed my was the Disney animated movie the lion king. all of a sudden I was hooked. so every day after school and speech therapy I would come home and put on some Disney movies. i related to so many disney characters in every Disney movie. i felt like i belonged watching Disney movies. they distracted me from the real world. so my mom decided when i was 5 years old to take me to Disneyland. for the first time ever i felt like i was in wonderland. i saw all of my favorite characters. that helped me. i remember that i saw Minnie mouse on main street and she took my hand and we walked everywhere. in Disneyland I was on cloud 9. every character stopped and hugged me.

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