My Adventures at Disneyland: Meeting Minnie Mouse

When I was younger, my favorite Disney character was Minnie Mouse. I know she was my favorite because she was tiny like me. The first time my Mom took me to Disneyland, I was six years old and the first character I met was Minnie Mouse. My favorite memory was when I met her on Main Street USA, I got to walk around Main Street holding her hand. I loved visiting Toontown and going into Minnie Mouse’s house. Also, I am now older and I still love seeing Minnie Mouse because it brings back the memory when I first met her on Main Street in Disneyland.

I recently discovered that I have severe anxiety and sometimes it is hard for me to go into new places. What really comforts me is going to the character breakfast and seeing Minnie Mouse. When I do see her my worries go away because of the pleasant memories.

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