Edna Mode

Life Lesson: “I never look back, darling! It distracts me from the now.”

Edna wanted to be a fashion designer and she never gave up. When I was little I had a hard time walking, talking and reading. I got really frustrated because everyone thought I could never learn to talk, walk or read. And I thought so too, because I believed them. But, I decided not to give up even though I wanted to. My family knew that I could learn to walk, talk and read. With my family by my side, I did learn how to walk, talk and read.

It just took me a while. Know how I did learn to talk. I learned to talk by watching disney movies. And how did I learn to walk; mostly by holding onto things and practicing my balance. And finally how did I learn to read; by my mom reading disney books to me and sounding out words.

You see I never gave up because people believed in me and then I started to believe in myself.

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