Walt Disney

Life lesson: ”Ff you can visualize it, if you can dream it, there’s some way to do it.”

Walt Disney had a vision that he wanted to make people happy and his kids happy. So Walt Disney decide to make many cartoons and make a film of his work. Sadly he did not succeed. He refused to give up and with hard work he finally mad a cartoon film. It was in the movies but he wanted to do something even bigger.

He had an idea to make a theme park for parents and kid, where they could have fun together. Walt Disney wanted his idea to work. He really hoped it would work. On the day when his theme park opened, he was so surprised. What happened was so magical.

His dream became a hit and it was really successful. It was all because he never gave up on his ideas and dreams. All my life I wrote books to make people happy and I did get them published. But, I still thought I could do more. I wanted my idea to grow. I always wanted to be a world wide author. I had this great idea. I would write another book and try to get it world wide, and what happened next was truly magical. Not one, but all my books made it world wide. It is all because I never stopped believing in my dreams, and I never gave up.

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