peter pan

”Think happy thoughts.”

Life Lesson: You can accomplish amazing things, even fly by thinking positively. Peter Pan wanted Wendy and her brothers to visit Neverland with him. Peter said you can only go to Neverland if you can fly. Wendy told Peter that her brothers and her couldn’t fly.

Peter told them of course you can. All you have to do is think happy thoughts and believe. Wendy and her brothers said to Peter that they would try. Wendy and her brothers thought happy thoughts and believed, and they did it. Wendy and her brothers were flying so Peter, Wendy and her brothers were ably to fly to Neverland.

I like this movie because Wendy and her brothers believed in themselves and never gave up. If I had not believed in myself and tried writing and publishing my books, I would have never known what would happen.

I am so happy I believed in myself because my dreams are finally coming true. It is all because I never gave up.

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