the Lion King

” Look inside yourself Simba you are more then what you have became.”

Life lesson: Don’t underestimate your ability. You just need to tell yourself you can and you can. Mufasa knew that one day Simba needed to be king in the circle of life. Simba had run away and forgotten his responsibility because it was easier. One day when Simba was all grown up he realized he had to be king and take his place.

Simba was not sure if he could, but Nala told Simba he could do it. She told him you just have to believe in yourself. The reason I love this movie and this quote is because it is so true.

I wanted to be an author and a role model. A lot of people did not ever think I would reach my dream to be an author. I started to think they were right because it was so hard to overcome some challenges. I started to doubt myself. But I received good advice from a great friend.

She said you can do it. You can make a difference and prove them wrong. So I decided to give it a try. I was not afraid of hard work. All of my hard work in writing books and being a role model payed off. My dream came true. So you can always do anything when you believe in yourself and keep trying.

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